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Arts & Personalities is one of the important menus, which tells more details about some important personalities who are well reputed through out the country .This page covers detailed information regarding them, so that you can contact them easily. This also includes important art forms related to Guruvayur and among them' Mural Art' is one of the menus that we present here.

Guruvayur Mural Painting


Mural Painting is studied by many and most of them traced the evolution of it from Ajanta to Kerala. The Buddhist themes of Ajanta paintings considered to have been executed between the 2nd Century B.C. and the 5th/ 6th Century A.D. got changed thematically and stylistically during different periods of time. The stages of mural paintings seen at different periods can be generally and roughly located at places such as Sittanavasal, Badami, Tanjavur, Vijayanagar and Kerala to name a few in south India.


Guruvayur Chembai Music Festival


As part of the Ekadasi festival, a 11-day Chembai music festival is organised, in which an incredible array of some 2,000 Carnatic musicians give off their best. A vast gathering of musicians and rasikas assemble to pay homage to the late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, the doyen of Carnatic music


Guruvayur Sopana Sangeetham


Sopanasangeetham is a musical art form performed with the accompaniment of Idaykka especially in the temples of Kerala. Sopanasangeetham is recited only when the inner sanctum sanctorum of the temple is closed for customary ceremonial offerings to gods and goddesses


Guruvayur Krishnanaattam


Of the cultural programs and religious discourses conducted at Guruvayur, special mention must be made of the dance-drama known as Krishnanaattam – the dance of Krishna – which is very popular.Krishnanattam was written in the wake of twelth century Bengali


Guruvayur Maraprabhu

52 feet Maraprabhu at Sree Guruvayur Temple. The biggest Terracotta Idol in the world. Inaugurated by Sri. K. Karunakaran the then Industrial Minister Government of India. The idol Lord Mraprabhu is the material embodiment of all the medicinal herbs all over the world.


Guruvayur Dorai


Guruvayur Dorai is one of India's senior-most exponents of the South Indian classical percussion instrument, the mridangam. Initiating his concert performances at the tender age of eight.

Guruvayur Dorai has performed on the concert platform for the past 60 years.



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