Temple Festivals in Guruvayur


Ekadasi, the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight, is very auspicious to the Hindus. Of the 24 Ekadasis in an year, the Vrishchika Ekadasi (Suklapaksha) has got special significance in Guruvayur. It falls in the Mandala season. The Navami (9th day) and Dasami (10th day) are also very important

Aanayottam (Elephant race)

AanayottamThe Utsavam begins with Aanayottam, starting from Manjulal and ending at the flag staff. Religiously, Utsavam begins with the giving of koora (cloth) and pavithram (ring made of kusa grass) to the Tantri. In ancient times, the permission for the festival was taken from Pura koyma , Vanneri Nambidi and Kantiyur Pattar.


Malayidal (sowing of seeds) follows a number of pots, made of silver, filled with clay are kept at vathilmatam. Tantri sows various seeds, and pots are kept at mulayara.

Guruvayur Kodiyettam

KodiyettamThe Kodiyettam (hoisting of the flag) is performed at night after the Mulayidal. The chaithanya of Garuda is transferred to the flag. The flag and the flag-staff are worshiped by the Tantri. Then Puthiyadathu Pisharodi invites complaints from people, Chakkiyar performs Chakkiyar Koothu at the Koothambalam every day after the Ucha pooja till 3.30 pm.

Guruvayur Pallivetta

PallivettaPallivetta (the royal hunt) starts with the Lords arrival at the Samudaya madam (Devaswom Office). By the time Lord arrives , 40 to 50 peoples wearing masks resembling the boar, called Pannimanushams with their bodies covered with wigs and plantain leaves. Pannimanushams, each awaits with two helpers who are painted to look like a boar but without mask. After the Pisharodi's call, pallivetta begins with the Lord on elephant run after the Pannimanushams. They take refuge around temple and at the end of the ninth round pannimanushams are beaten by the Lord.

Guruvayur Arattu

ArattuAs the Lord is tired by the pallivetta, the temple opens next day (tenth day), only after 6.00 am. The usual rituals are done except Usha pooja. There are



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