Greatness Of Guruvayur Temple


templeAntiquity and history is make some temple, such as the one in Benares, glorious. Certain other temple owe their mahathmya to the geographical locate and importance of the place. Yet others become famous, as in the case of Konark and Khanjuraho, due to the rich and divine sculptures in them and certain others to the prathishta (Installation).
Guruvuyoor is entirely different from these. Guruvayur owes its mahathmya to the divinity of the locality, to the idol and also to the installation.

Mahathmya of the Idol

guruvayurappanGenerally temples have idols made of dark granite but the idol of Guruvayurappan is made out of a rare pataalanjana sila and hence extremely divine. This image of Lord Krishna was once worshipped by the supreme


Mahathmya of the installation

Brihaspathy Brihaspathy, helped by Vayu went throughout the world, in search of the most holy and; suitable place. Then at the invitation of Parasurama, they came to kerala and reached Rudratheetha where Siva was doing tapas. Divining the


Mahathmya of locality

temple Guruvayur is made divine by the prolonged Tapas by both Siva and prachethas in the Rudratheertha which is now Arattukulam of Lord Guruvayurappan. Under the waters of the Rudratheertha Siva was worshipping Maha



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