Offerings at Guruvayur temple

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Name of Offerings

Min Charges(Rs.)

Palpayasam 10
Naipayasam 10
Sarkarapayasam 10
Rice Nivedyam 7
Appam 10
Ada 10
Avil 5
Thirumadhuram 5
Butter Nivedyam 5
Sugar and Plantain 5
Undamala 35
Thirumudimala 10
Niramala 75
Annaprasam (Chorun) 10
Bhagavathy Azhal 10
Butter after Japam 2
Kelikkayyu 10
Archana Purusha sooktham 3
Archana Ashtotharam 4
Archana Sahasra namam 5
Alankaram with Kalabham (6 Balls) 3000
Kalabham 1 Ball 500
Kalabham 1 Packet 15
Ghee Lamp 1
Sreekovil Ghee Lamp ( For one time a day) 300
Sreekovil Ghee Lamp ( For a full day) 1800
Sreekovil Ghee Lamp ( For a full day including upadevas) 2700
Thali pooja 10
Oil Abhishekam (250ml) 28
Malar Nivedyam 12
Marriage 200
Ashtapathi (One Chapter) 2
Geetha ( One Chapter) 2
Bhagavatham (One Chapter) 2
Bhagavatha Sapthaham 750
Narayaneeyam (One Dasakam) 2
Ganapathy Archana 3
Sastha Archana 3
Lalitha Sahasra nama Archana 5
Palada Pradhaman 90
Eratti Payasam 100
Namaskaram (Approximate) 5000
Athazham (Approximate) 5000
** Udayasthamana Pooja ( ForBooking) 50000
Ahassu 1000
Illumination (Chuttu Vilakku)(For Booking) [Available from 2013] 20000
Illumination in BhagavathyTemple 1000
Krishnanattam 1500
Malayidal ( Sabarimala) 2
Kettu Nira ( Sabarimala) 5
Thulabharam Thattil Panam( Cost of Items extra) 5
Anayoottu 6000
Go-pooja 250
Go-Preethi 10
Maintenance of Elephants Any amount
Alroopam Any amount
Prasada oottu Any amount
Vahana pooja (Heavy Vehicles) 250
Vahana Pooja Car, Jeep etc 100
Vahana Pooja Auto rikshaw, Motor cycle etc 50
Vidyarambham 5
Saptha Sudhi Abhishekam 202
Saptha Sudhi Abhishekam (Minimum) 2
Veda Parayanam 700


  • Bhajanam at Guruvayur temple ( 7 Articles )

    bhajanamThere are various offering in the temple of which the most important effective and fruitful is the Bhajanam. Bhajanam is complete dedication of oneself to the lord, some times, for a specific period and sometimes, as in the case of Melpathur, till the desired end is achieved ultimately. In Bhajan, the devotees stay inside the temple almost always and attend all the functions of the Temple. During the Bhajanam the devotees will take for their food, only the Nivedyam got from the Temple and he will quench his thirst only with water of Rudratheetha. If one offers Bhajanam with utmost dedication, not only will ones desires be achieved, but lord Guruvayurappan will always be present with one, showering his blessing, as in the case of poonthanam and Kurooramma. Devotees perform Bhajanam for various objects some of which are…

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  • Special Offerings at Guruvayur temple ( 21 Articles )

    Special offering
    In Kerala tradition, the devotees do not themselves perform the poojas. They bring various articles for worship and the temple priests offer them to Lord with mantras (sacred recitation). They are returned to the devotee with some flowers picked from the altar of the Lord as a blessing. Offerings may be made in any form as the devotee wish. Some of the usual offerings are mentioned here

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