Material Offerings

Material offering


Alamkara adores the idol. For adoring the idol devotees offer milks clothes, ornaments of gold etc; kalabham charthal is another important offering, in which the idol is adorned with kalabham.The Kalabham thus smeared over the idol and late taken of is considered to be very sacred. None of these offering are made by the devotees directly. In the name of the devotees, the Melsanthi will perform the offerings, which can be booked at the booking counter inside the temple and the devotees will be given tickets there of. Clothes and ornaments are to be placed on the thripadi first and taken back and put in the hundial.


The Melsanthi places flowers, either on or at the foot of the idols chanting manthras and this is called archana


Pouring of water over the idol by the Melsanthi is called Abisheka. This is usually done with milk rose-water, coconut water Panchagavya and diluted kalabham.


Everything offered to add to the pomp and splendor of the temple and procession of the Lord is called adambara.

Pictures, paintings, murals etc, Offered by devotees with which the temple will be decorated. Devotees sometimes give their offering for covering the roof of the sreekovil with gold. Oil will be offered by devotees with which deepasthambams, Vilakkumadam, flambeaus etc, will be lighted which will add glory to the illumination. Often devotees will bring lamps of bronze silver and gold, umbrella and other Paraphernalia of the procession and other decorations of elephants. In addition to all these, elephants, crows, horse, deer, peacocks etc. Also will be offered to the Lord by the devotees (Now deer and peacocks are not accepted). Musical instruments like drums, pipes, flute, conches, cymbal, Tambura etc will be there among the offerings of some devotees. Reading of Puranas, Chakyarkoothu, Padhakams, Thullals and Recital of the Lords leela and songs and hymns also will be performed as offerings. Artists will often have their first public performs (Arangettam) before the Lord as a sacred offering. And to crown all these, there is the Krishnanattam, which can be booked by the devotees paying the fee thereof. As already mentioned, Krishnanattam is divided into eight parts to be performed on eight consecutive nights and the devotees can have their own choice of the story of the day, so as to fulfill their particular prayer.


Thrimaduram, beaten rice, parched rice, simple cooked rice, sweetened rice cakes fried in ghee, rice flour puff with coconut scraping and jaggery

enclosed in plantain leaf and cooked in steam called Ada, Payasam (rice boiled with jaggery) palpayasam (rice boiled in milk and suger) Pradhaman (rice boiled with jaggery and extracted coconut milk) and Paladapradhaman (rice flakes boiled in milk and suger) are some of the important offerings as nivedyam.


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