Getting Prasadams

Gajapooja & Anayootu

The Devaswom is considering making arrangements for the traditional auspicious worship of elephants known as gajapooja. Now there is an offering called anayoottu. This is the feeding of the Lords elephants with rice, jaggery, plantain, coconut etc. , The charge for this offering is RS, 6000/-(RS. Six thousand only). The feeding takes place at Punnathorekotta at 3 p. m.


This is the marriage conducted before the Lord Guruvayurappan. For this there is a separate vivaha mandapam at the east gopuram. If the party has a desire to register the marriage they should contact the secretary of Guruvayur Municipality near Manjulal.

Prasaada oottu

There are arrangements for free feeding as prasaadam at the hall for thousands of pilgrims at 10 am every day. One can make an offering of any amount for this free feed.

Nadathallal of Children

Making over the child to the Lords. (The parent offers the Child to the lord by placing it before him). After nadathallal, the child is Supposed to be of the lord Guruvayurappan and the parent get it back with his blessings showered on it, and deposits an amount in the Bhandaram, according to his means.


This is the first feeding of the child before the Lord.


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